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 Planning Your Move
Initially you need to sort the goods you wish to take overseas into three categories.

1. Accompanied Goods
These are goods you will take with you as you will require them just prior and just after the move.
2. Air Freight
These are items you will need soon after arrival. The use of consolidated cargo flights by Nippon Express helps keep costs to minimum.
3. Ocean Freight
This is the remainder and in most cases the bulk of items to be moved. Ocean freight is the most economical way to ship your goods with transport charges calculated by volume.
Call Nippon Express removals department to arrange a free inspection. During the inspection, show all the items you wish to ship making clear those to go by air and those to go by sea.
An estimation of the cost for your overseas removals will be forwarded to you.
Decide which items you will pack by yourself and those which you require Nippon Express to pack.
Packing materials will be delivered to you, so you can start the packing.
Be sure to make a packing list for all boxes you pack. Nippon Express will pack as many of your items as you wish.
You will be informed by our office at your destination once your goods have arrived.
Nippon Express will arrange customs clearance of goods and deliver them to your residence at a prearranged time.
The items will be placed in the rooms as per your instructions.
Excellent storage facilities are available for goods you do not wish to ship to overseas.
You may therefore wish to avail of our security protected storage facilities in UK and at  your destination in Japan.
 Domestic Moving
If you wish to relocate within Japan or wish to leave items with friends or relatives, simply call the nearest Nippon Express removals office and we will only be too pleased to help.
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